Mr Gems Las Vegas Pacific AAU/BallNGems Showcase Recap

The second leg of the two date showcase brought to you by hosts Pacific AAU and BallNGems was held in Las Vegas, Nevada and featured players from California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah.

Thanks to Free Money Media, Real Is Rare, Hotbread and Jimmy Whitfield for their support.

Here are some players who caught my eye. 

Samari Bankhead 2025 – 6’0”  (Santa Clarita, CA): Samari has the size and skill combination that college coaches love. She can score from all 3 levels on the court. She is tough to guard with her frame, handle and quick reactions, athleticism and change of direction. Defensively she has quick feet, anticipates well and walls up really well. Overall the top prospect at the showcase. She is a high level prospect!

Jada Price – 2024- 5’8” -  (Las Vegas, NV) : Jada is smooth. She is fundamentally sound, very coachable, the midrange is her go to. I loved her demeanor and eagerness to learn throughout the showcase. I would love to see her fully embrace overall aggressiveness, but I believe in due time that will come.  The potential is definitely there.


Mykelle Richards – 2024 – 5’10” (Hesperia, Ca):The length, quickness, athleticism, effort and timing defensively is impeccable. She covers a lot of ground and in a hurry. Offensively she is more of a transition player and a rebounder, but if the offensive side catches up to the defensive excellence, then watch out! 


Syri Prevo – 2024 – 5’5” (Norwalk, Ca): What a blessing to be able to view Syri up close and personal in back to back weekends. She rocked Reno, and put Las Vegas on notice as well. She played a lot more off two feet in Las Vegas. She embraced contact on her drives and pretty much got by any and everyone off the bounce. She is so quick and creative with the handle, but always under control, head is up and more often than not she makes the right decision, whether it’s a floater or acrobatic layup for herself, or to find teammates for an easy score.  She is a true floor general!  She is one of the better guards in the class.


Ryann Bennett – 2024 – 5’8” (Lakewood, Ca):For awhile Ryann was labeled as just a shooter, but she is way more than that. Don’t get me wrong, she was clearly a cut above the rest as the best shooter at the showcase, however she has so much more to offer. Her handle is noticeably better, exponentially better. Seeing her create for herself off the bounce consistently definitely showed that she has put the time in and made that a strength of hers now. The fundamentals, IQ, leadership and ability to play smart man to man defense makes her one of the more versatile and fundamentally sound guards in the class. She will have a impact Freshman season, assuming there’s a season.


Armanyie Reed – 2027 – 4’11” (Los Angeles, Ca):This kid is just different, way different. She is so focused on the task at hand that I had to ask her if she was having fun, which she replied “of course!” She competed against the much older players and never backed down. She is quick, dynamic off the bounce and really has a knock for finishing over bigger and taller players. Defensively she is tenacious and the work ethic is superb.  I like the way she reads defenders quickly and even at a young age she is able to take advantage of their weaknesses. Mature beyond her years.


Majesty Cade – 2023 – 5’9” (Chino, Ca): Majesty can be downright explosive. The hesitation and quick first step is incredible. She is strong, athletic and when necessary can elevate her game to match or go beyond the level of her competitors. She gets to the rack and finishes over and through players. What was really impressive to see was her knocking down shots from downtown at a high rate. She has drastically improved in that area off the catch and off the bounce. She won the 1 on 1 Queen of the court! She keeps getting better and better! That’s what coaches love to see!


Selina Gutierrez – 2023 – 5’5” (Las Vegas, NV):What a fun kid to watch. This kid plays with a enthusiasm that you just love to see. She has hoop joy in her heart and a skip in her step when she hits the court! She is looking to pull from anywhere once she gets across half court. And she hit contested shots from deep and was willing to tell any and everybody within ear shot all about it. She was selective at attacking the basket. We would love to see her point guard skills develop due to her size, but as far as competing, playing hard and having a definitive skill set she can go to, she has that. She is a spark plug who is  sniper!


Teira Bell – 2025 – 5’6” (Las Vegas, NV): A composed guard with straight fundamentals. She has good footwork, nice form on her shot, was sound defensively and played hard! She has upside!


Michaela Bogans – 2024 – 5’7” (Augusta, GA): What a tough, fast, hard nosed athletic kid. She is a load attaching the rack. She backs down from no one. Defensively she sticks her nose into defenders, active hands, levels off ball handlers well. She makes it tough to get by her. On the offensive end she stays on the attack, constantly imposing her will to get to the paint and then she using her athleticism and either hand for a variety of finishes. This kid has that it quality! Keep an eye on her!


Tia Barefield – 2023 -5’6” (Temecula, Ca): Tia has a superb handle and a mindset that allows her to create space and get off shots in a variety of ways. She is strong, gets great elevation on her shot, has range out beyond the arc, and has the strength and motor to lock folks down. She is a lefty who gets it done on both sides of the ball.


Julissa Henderson – 2025 -  6’0” (Eugene, OR): JuJu already has the strength, frame and athleticism to be on college radars as a wing. She is fluid, athletic, physical, has a nice midrange shot, rebounds well, and the work ethic is impeccable. She didn’t really show the shot beyond the arc in the competitive games, but the form is there. She is a high level prospect!