BallnGems Fall Showcase Reno

Pacific AAU in partnership with Ball'n'Gems collaborated to bring a showcase to Reno, Nevada. The event was broken down into two sessions and consisted of players from California, Washington and Nevada.

Here are SOME  talented players who were impressive in the drills and scrimmages.


Jasmyne Torres - 5'2" - 2024 (Fernley, NV): This kid has some swag! She plays with a chip on her shoulder. She is deceptively quick, she has a high level handle, can shoot it from deep, and is creative enough to get to the paint and finish with a nice floater. She was one of the breakout stars of the showcase.

Seini Tuipulotu - 5'9" - 2023 (Reno, NV): We have seen this talented baller several times. She is physical, strong, tough and extremely competitive! She is a lefty who excels at attacking the rim, a good defender, her form is nice, but once she starts knocking it down from deep then she will be a major problem.

Gianna Ghio - 5'8" - 2023 (Pleasanton, CA): One of the smartest players at the showcase. Its really good to see the progress and growth in Giannas game. Her handle is much improved, she was aggressive, decisive and the midrange is flat out superb. She was getting to her spot, elevating and finishing over defenders consistently. Easily one of the most consistent players at the showcase.

Valentina Amsaric - 6'1" - 2022 (Los Altos, CA): The improvement in this kids game is noticeable. She is a heady player with good size, a good frame for a guard/wing, and can really shoot it with major range. Her IQ, frame, movement without the ball and ability to shoot the rock is what gives her a chance to play at the next level. An improved handle will definitely improve her stock even more.

Ava Ulrich - 5'11" - 2023 (Burlingame, CA): This kid has been hovering under the radar for a couple years now. She is strong, patient, possesses a nice midrange, finishes inside with contact and can defend multiple positions. I'd keep my eye on this one college coaches. A true sleeper!

Mata Peaua - 5'11" - 2024 (Reno, NV): Mata doesn't have a position, she just plays and produces! Play her close and she attacks with effectiveness, give her space and she will let it fly (not often, but she was selective with her attempts and shot a good percentage), she also took smaller players in the paint and punished them. She is a force with brute strength and athleticism. She is a load!

Eiley Tippins - 6'2" - 2022 (Tahoe Vista, CA): One of the players I enjoyed the most. Eiley is long, fluid and runs the floor like her life depends on it! She is a very enthusiastic player, very coachable and is a elite communicator. She was vocal all weekend! She will need to get stronger, but she is able to make the basic post moves inside with each hand, she defends well, and has a nice form on her shot from the intermediate areas. Once she gets stronger and more consistent overall, that improvement will make her even more coveted by college coaches.

Kindle Rowe - 6'3" - 2024 (Reno, NV): Blessed with a college frame already, good hands, solid mobility and a nice touch all the way out to the three point line, Kindle has all the tools to eventually be a BCS level player. Occassionally she will play average, but the better the competition the better she plays! Consistency and conditioning will be the key. But she has all the tools, size and time to get even better! Get on her now coaches!

Zakara Cooper - 5'7" - 2025 (San Jose, CA): The Bay Area has had some dominant guards. Zakara will continue that tradition of shifty, tough, athletic and creative guards. She is so dominant and creative off the bounce that its extremely tough to stay in front of her. She has the basics and a flare for the dramatic as well. She is acrobatic, athletic and confidence stays high. We didn't really swe her shoot it from beyond the arc, but for a lead guard everything else is there. She will be vying for the top spot in the 2025 class for Northern California.

Calonni Holloway - 5'8" - 2025 (Fairfield, CA):  Seems like Calonni has been playing for a really long time, yet she is just an 8th grader. She has length and a high skill set. The three ball is there, the handle is there, the floater is there and the high IQ is most definitely in the package. What impressed us most this weekend was her willingness to do the dirty work. She rebounded in traffic, defended much bigger and much older players, and competed! She was laser focused and was on the winning 3 on 3 squad. She was already good, but took a major step in the evolutiuon of her game this weekend. One of the top 2025's in Northern California.

Syri Prevo - 5'6" - 2024 (Norwalk, CA): Syri is an absolute joy to watch. She takes critism well and adapts to whatever and whoever is instructing equally as well. She doesn't get too high or too low. She is mentally locked in, vocal and wants to win not just every drill, but every rep and every sprint! She is shifty, has a tremendous and explosive first step, a superb handle and gets to the paint at will. She has a floater and a midrange that she goes to once she is there. Equally or possibly more impressively is her defense! She is a ball hawk for real! Active hands, outstanding lateral quickness, athleticism and agility that is high level. With her mindsight to get better and compete at a high level, I'm confident that we will continuously hear her name in the future. A bonafide baller!

Kaida Angelo - 5'8" - 2024 (Hayward, CA): Definitely one of the surprises at the showcase. She is not super quick or supremely athletic, but the IQ and skillset is fundamental and consistent. She reads and reacts quickly to whatever the defense gives her. She shot it with range as she was one of the best shooters at the showcase. She competed at a high level in the 1 on 1 as well. She is smart and plays angles well on both ends. Her upside is high! Keep an eye on this one!

Lealah Rowden - 5'9" - 2024 (San Jose, CA): One of the top two defenders at the showcase. The quickness, bounce and anticipation caused havoc on the defensive end. She wanted to guard any and everybody and for the most part she did it successfully. She is long and athleticism is off the charts. She is able to get in two jumps before other players land from their first it seemed. Offensively she is somewhat raw, but if you let her get a step on you then her ability to capitalize with quick attacks is there. A pleasant surprise!

Campbell Vieg - 5'6" - 2023 (Chico, CA): This kid is unassuming but highly effective. She is smooth and can be trusted with the rock in her hands to make good decisions. She displayed the floater, a midrange, catch and shoot from beyond the arc well, and make several good passes off the ball screens. She is a good player!

Malia Samuels - 5'6" - 2023 (Buiren, WA): Without a doubt, hands down the best player at the Showcase. She just has another gear mentally and physically! The body control and strength on her finishes in the paint against bigger and taller players is remarkable! She plays consistently on two feet, which allows her to seemingly make good decisions all the time whether to score for herself or to make plays for others. She is a high level defender as well. If she doesn't score any points she is so good defensively that you'd still play her! She is a two-way ELITE player! One of the best players and competitors in the country!!! We said this a couple years ago, so yes we are saying it again!

Monique Carter - 5'7" - 2023 (Puyallup, WA): You want a player with MAJOR upside, then this is who you want to keep an eye on. Strong, fast, and has some off the charts speed and athleticism. She can see on opposing offensive players with passion, purpose and effectiveness! She can defend! Offensively she sees the floor well, plays with a chip on her shoulder, makes great decisions, has a high motor and possesses a nice midrange pull up. Her stock is rising!

Maya Barnett - 5'9" - 2023 (Tacoma, WA): You have to see Maya consistently to appreciate her unique blend of strength, power, athleticism and agility! She is a bully baller from the perimeter! She is lite on her feet, moves well without the ball, scores over, around and thru people. She is a old school baller! She just plays and produces, period! BIG GUARD PROBLEMS!

Amelie Sitterud - 6'0" 2023 (Kirkland, WA) - A versatile player who can grab you some boards, but also be lethal from downtown. She can put the ball in the basket, but is equally as excited and passion to make the right play for a teammate. She moves well and with purpose without the ball, is crafty inside and is a solid all around wing. She will need to improve her lateral movement defensively for the next level, but she has a package that colleges want: Skill & Size!


5 To Keep An Eye On:

2023 - 5'7" Gisele Torrey (Roseville, CA)

2024 - 5'7" Kaia Foster (Elk Grove, CA)

2022 - 6'2" Brooke Guthell (Incline Village, NV)

2023 - 5'6" Ayiana Olavarria (Fremont, CA)

2026 - 5'5" Fa'anaetaua Puloka (Sparks, NV)