The 6th Annual Spring Showcase Rescheduled

Greetings to all Gems In The Gym Spring Showcase Supporters.

We come to you in a very trying time. As a reputable and successful person and business in the basketball community for close to 30 years, we pride ourselves on providing quality, safe, and beneficial events for all!

We have met collectively, spoke with other event operators and coaches around the country, as well as following the most up to date recommendations from the CDC and county health officials regarding COVID-19. We do not take this situation lightly as we want to ensure the health of our staff, coaches, players and their families.

It is our hope that with some patience, understanding and gaining more knowledge during this fluid situation, that each of us come to appreciate our proactive approach regarding this crisis.

Although this is a evolving situation, with respect for your time and planning for the Spring/Summer AAU season and family time, we wanted to inform you as quickly as possible that we have chosen to postpone our 6th Annual Spring Showcase until June 7th.

We have invested alot into this event. We fully grasp this is incredibly taxing mentally and physically for all of us. This has been extremely disruptive to everyone, but we must remain practical, supportive and work together to care for one another.

Warm Regards,

Kameo Williams