Faith Blackstone: The Beginning and Final Summer

I first started playing basketball when I was five years old in Harrisburg, PA. I believe I started building my specialties in basketball on one of those hard concrete outside courts with a rusty rattling rim. Even though my mother told me she put a basketball in my hand at the age of 4, I can hardly remember for myself. My inspirations are to graduate from college playing professional basketball or being a fashion model for designer brands. I plan to major in Business or Neonatal Nursing while in college. This summer I travelled to Indianapolis, Georgia, Kentucky, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Florida and I can’t wait to go on my cruise to the Bahamas at the end of August.

This summer I had some of the best memories of all, starting with my 7 month old baby brother. I got the chance to leave him with a couple words of wisdom before I went off to play AAU for the remaining portion of my summer. I got a chance to be in an advertising commercial for nike, for free! I got my very first pair of Balenciagas this summer which was very expensive. Lastly, I got the chance to spend joyful moments with my AAU team that were irreplaceable, teachable moments, and eye openers for myself. I don’t consider one player or team to be the toughest to play against because I think my only competition is myself.

In college I would like to play for a coach that is family oriented, mentors his or her team, and helps them academically, professionally and on the court. Not only that but I want to play for a coach that always has the energy that I would enjoy being around everyday.

My advice to others on this journey, please understand that communication is critical on the basketball court and staying locked in on the game. Players must listen to coaches. As a millennial I know it’s easy to get caught up and think you know everything. 

My plans moving forward is to find the right college that fits me in basketball and academics; narrow my list of eight down to five and go on five official visits to find the college I will put forth my full commitment to. From there, only time will tell what my future holds for me.