The eXperience Top 100 Recap

Burchette Greer & JaNae Mosley put on for their area in a major way! They assembled a professional & versatile staff, quality coaches, had outstanding practical drills, motivating speakers, and created a learning ambiance that resonated with all the players & parents.

This two-day event was held in Urbanddale, IA, which is a suburb just outside Des Moines, IA. As the weekend progressed, the level of play intensified!

Now let's get to several GEMS who caught our eye:

Sophia Barrett – 2021 – 5’10” (Cedar Rapids, IA) – We really enjoyed watching this kid. She’s a fluid player, high level athlete, very versatile on both ends of the floor, really moves well without the ball, very efficient offensively, scores from all three levels, a extremely high IQ, her spectacular blocks were something to watch.  She see’s the floor well, always one move ahead of the defense, consistently made plays for others. She earned the MVP.  Her ceiling is extremely high.


Jocelyn Bice – 2022 – 5’6” (Norwalk, IA) – A wiry strong, high motorbelfry  who plays under control, with a lot of passion, displayed the ability to shoot off the catch or bounce with range. If you’re guarding her, then prepare for a long day. She is in constant motion offensively. Her future is bright!


Alex Darling – 2023 – 5’9” – (Kearney, IA) – She can flat out play. She hunts for her shot well, a above average handle, finished in traffic over and around defenders, and shot the ball from deep consistently well.  She plays with a maturity beyond her years. Her range and quick release makes her a threat at all times.


Kamryn Grissel – 2022 – 5’7” (Cedar Rapids, IA) – A guard with tremendous probing skills, exhibits plenty of patience, a high motor, a nice explosive lead step, then her body control allows her to weave thru traffic for easy finishes in the lane.  Her change of direction in the lane is tremendous. She can finish a variety of ways inside.


Tatum Grubbs – 2023 – 5’8” (Exira, IA) – A powerful guard who just mauls defenders. She is strong and isn’t afraid to play with that physicality! She didn’t demonstrate the 3-ball, but she is relentless offensively on her drives to the rack! Her ability to read the defense while on the move, coupled with her speed & power allowed her to live in the paint! She rebounds well and plays extremely hard!


Emma Ingersoll-Weng – 2022 – 5’4” (Iowa City, IA) – This kid made quite the impression on us. She has top notch speed, quickness, and explosive athleticism.  She has another gear that most players her age just don’t have. She effortlessly knocked down the 3-Ball off the catch and off the bounce, finished over bigger defenders with her tremendous athleticism, plus she played lockdown defense! A pure joy to watch.


Arianna Jackson – 2023 – 5’5” (Des Moines, IA) - This kid can be exciting! She is quick, has superior  athleticism, can get to the paint at will  when she uses her explosive first step. The outside shot was a bit inconsistent, but her upside is ridiculous! She was arguably the best on ball defender at the event! Her anticipation, exceptional lateral movement and quick hands caused many ballhandlers fits! She is a premie defender!


Jenica Lewis – 2026 – 5’4” (Des Moines, IA) - Yes you read that correctly, that's 2026! Easily one of the most impressive & complete players at the event! She is dynamic! Her game is way ahead of her age. She's already knows how to effectively set-up defenders well. She is patient and possesses a counter move for even the best of defenders. She is fearless, competitive, and is oblivious to the age, height or athleticism of the older players around her. Her handle is crisp, her change of direction fluid, and her ability to explode by defenders is there as well. She can shoot well beyond the arc, whether it's off the dribble or the catch, in fact she was the runner-up in the 3-Point contest, and she shoots a real jumper with good elevation. Her IQ and fundamentas are excellent! She is one of the best & most complete young players we've seen! Remember the name!


Delaynie Lunekas – 2022 – 6’0” (West Branch, IA)- She is raw, but runs the floor well, knows how to establish deep position, and is savvy enough to hold off defenders inside. Her footwork is average, but her face up skills and midrange shot is nice! She more of a rebounder and defender at this point, but the potential is there.


Ke’Ayla Madison – 2023 – 5’3” (Des Moines, IA) -  Ke’Ayla is flat out dynamic! She is athletic, composed, with a slick handle. Her combo moves were quick & decisive as she consistently blew by defenders.  She can shoot it from deep off the catch or the bounce! For a young player she truly understands angles and playing at different speeds! At one point she lulled a pretty good defender with a stutter, stop, between the legs, then crossed over for a pull-up 3-Ball! She is a baller!


Bren Moritz – 2021 – 6’2” (Norwalk, IA) – Bren understands Post Play! She had good triangular movement in the paint, she’d establish deep position on either block, good footwork, scored with either hand equally well, showed range out to 15 feet, and was a defensive presence.  She is fluid and has a nice frame! Plenty of upside here!


Meredith Rieker – 2022 – 5’10” (West Des Moines, IA) – SHOOTER…….plain and simple! The best pure shooter in the gym! She can has range off the plane! She shoots it well and quickly! Occasionally she’d showcase a quality shot fake and drive to the basket, but she is primarily a elite sniper from distance!


Kaliyah Sain – 2023 – 5’8” (Cedar Rapids, IA) – A patient, cerebral played with good overall skill! Her IQ and anticipation seems to put her in the right place, at the right time consistently! She has showed good shooting form, good vision, and once her handles improve, then the sky is the limit!


Sadie Struchen – 2022 – 5’8” (Marion, IA) – Sadie is a very intriguing player.  She will not beat you with pure athleticism, but her skill, determination and IQ is elite.  She just knows how to go and get a bucket! It can appear unorthodox at times, but she is effective. She demonstrated a variety of offensive skills: a above average handle, a nice floater, the baseline pull-up and hit from downtown multiple times. She is a fiery player who seems to enjoy competing!


Bralee Trice – 2021 - 5’8” – (Moline, IL) – A strong physical guard with a tough scorers mentality! She pulled down defensive rebounds and instantly was on the attach going the other way. Her power, athleticism and mentality combination makes her tough to deal with! Once she adds a consistent 3-point shot then it’s a wrap!