Box Out Breast Cancer Recap

(Fresno, Ca.)

The inaugural Box Out Breast Cancer event hosted by Fresno Lady Heat Director Demetrius Porter and Co-Director Shatari Sykes brought alot of talent to the Central Valley. Teams from Northern and Southern California participated. The event was well run, very organized, the staff were extremely hospitable, and the games had high intensity.

Here are a list of the GEMS from the weekend:



De'Auhna Henderson - Modesto Magic - A 5'10" strong bodied wing out of Patterson, California. A hyper player on both ends, has top notch speed, stays on the attack, has a wicked first step, finishes at the rim through contact, and over bigger defenders.  Her outside shot still needs some work, but with her size, quickness, and competitveness, she excels at this level.  She has a huge upside as a combo guard.

Jzaniya Harriel - JBS - This Sacramento area baller was one of the top players in the gym all weekend.  Her poise, skill set and smooth demeanor are a pure joy to watch. She is long and does all that you want a elite guard to do. She is patient and her IQ allows her to exploit whatever weakness the defense shows.  Lay off her and she buries the deep ball, press up on her and she will attack hard one way and use her body on her spin move to get by defenders. Once she is in the paint she has a nice pull-up & a deadly floater. And please don't give her space behind the arc, she knocked down numerous three pointers over the weekend. A excellent overall scoring guard. 

Simone Johnson - JBS - One of the most mature players around. Her IQ, fundamentals and composure is extremely high. Her game is fluid, handles the ball well against pressure, and her shot preparation is well beyondc her years. She hunts for her shot well, gets her feet down quickly, and gets that pretty jumper off quickly.  She is clutch as well. Her team was down late in one game, she hit deep treys in less than 2 minutes.  Whether you have a hand up or down, if she has any space to get the shot off its money!

Emily Jones - Eastbay Tigers -  Emily is my kinda player. She is a serious live body. She is a wing who seems to be involved with every offensive & defensive rebound, a very good defender who is comfortable defending a Post Player as well as a periment player. She is a dynamite straight line slasher who punishes defenders with her strength to consistently finish.  This kid has tremendous upside. 

Marley Langi - Eastbay Tigers - Marley had a weekend that progressively got better from Game 1 until Game 4. She is noiceably quicker and more agile than when we saw her in July at Nationals. She stands close to 6'0", strong hands, a strong physical body,and she elevates over defenders. She goes over defenders, through defenders, has a nice low post game. Scores over both shoulders, hits the short corner jumper extremely well, and steps out to knock down the outside shot from distance.  She creates mismatches with size, as well as her inside & outside game.

Kaiija Lesane - JBS - This kid is new on the scene. She is a dynamic guard. Shoots it off the hop, lives in the paint, dishes out and absorbs contact, and has a assortment of ways to contribute once she is in the paint. She had several acrobatic finishes through contact. She has a strong build, she is fast and her handles are top notch.  She is a explosive guard with a bright future.

Rhe Nae Leuch - Cal Sparks - A very active athlete. Really competes on the defensive end as well as on the glass. A good leaper who gives her team a lot of extra possessions with her tenacity & hustle. She covers the floor well defensively with her anticipation  and speed. Fought bigger post layers for position without letting them get anything easy.  Offensively she is excellent in the wing and short corner areas, where she is able to use a explose lead step to attack or pull up.

Tatiana Newsome - Eastbay Tigers - Tatiana is a baller. Runs the offense efficiently, scorers off drives and shoots it from deep.  She has a nice handle, probes well, has a lot of patience to let things develop, then attacks accordingly. Has all the tools necessary to be a elite guard.

Angela WhitfieldFresno Lady Heat -  A smooth lefty with a cerebral game.. Runs the offense efficiently, scorers off drives by using a nice hesitation move,  shoots it from deep, makes plays for others, and she's vocal, which we love from a lewd guard position.



Jiana Creswell - JBS - a kid who has a knack for scoring. A wing who can get to the basket, has a nice intermediate game and can shoot it with range.  She scored at will over the weekend.

Isuneh Brady- GBL - This kid has so much potential to be special. 6'2", a nice powerful frame, excellent hands, solid post moves, tremendous mobility quick feet, a nice touch from out to about 17 feet, passed out of the double-teams well consistently, and isn't afraid to handle the rock in the open court. Look out for her down in San Diego. She is poised to do big things!

Geizzle Jones - Fresno Lady Heat - I loved this kids activity all weekend. A 5'10' athlete who likes to mix it up, defends with passion, and is a slasher on offense.  Kid has alot of upside from the wing spot.

Londyn Jones - Cal Sparks - A point guard who is already a known commodity since she plays 15u EYBL, however if I didn't mention this kid I'd lose all credibility.  I have seen her play numerous times and she never disappoints! She brings every ounce of effort & passion she can muster in her small frame. I'm guessing she's 5'3 maybe, but she is a monster on the court on both ends of the floor. She is straight line fast, and cat quick laterally. She dominates games. The constant pressure she puts on defenses with her relentless attacking style is amazing! Blows by whoever is in front of her. Bring a double team and she'll effortlessly split that or just run around both defenders.  She elevates well in the late and finishes through contact. What she doesn't finish, she has both agility, strength and knows how to use it against defenders to draw fouls.  Makes plays for herself and her teammates! Her outside shot is still improving, but its reliable from distance off the catch and the bounce.  Defensively she harasses guards at such a high level that teams at this level struggle to even get into their offense. Londyn is the purest definition of a Game Changer!  Easily one of the best in country in her class at the point guard spot. 

Sydney Ross - Cal Sparks - Another speedster in the backcourt for Sparks Coach Elbert Kennebrew. Heights weren't listed, but this player may be 5'0". Kid causes havoc defensively with her ballhawking defense, is fast with and without the ball on offense, and even though shes small, she dug out plenty of rebounds over the weekend. A very good athlete with a high IQ, a tremendous motor, and a very consistent shot from downtown!



Etoya MontgomeryFresno Lady Heat - This player is a flat out beast. Standing close to 5'10', athletic and skilled. Gets off the ground quick, rebounds in and out of her area from the wing position, a cold first step, and scores multiples ways.  We didn't get to see her range beyond the arc, the rest of her offensive package is deadly.  All things considered, the Central Valley has a hitter coming up the ranks with this one.


Other Notable Players:

2021 Macie James - Fresno Lady Heat

2021 Kendra Grant - EastBay Tigers

2021 Simone Morris - GBL

2021 Amira Brown - JBS

2021 Elizabeth Elliott - GBL

2021 Alyssa Sandle - JBS



The JBS 2021 squad out of the Sacramento, California area went 3-0 over the weekend.  They have a outstanding team that is loaded with perimeter ballers.  Hard to find a team at this level that can shoot it as well as this team can collectively.