10th Annual Myles McGowan Coaches Classic Charity Event

10 years ago I had a vision to bring coaches of all levels together for a common basketball event and fundraiser. Throughout the years we have done fundraising for Domestic Violence Awareness, Stop The Violence Movement, A Sole to Soul Shoe Drive, as well as Diabetes Awareness. 

With the love and support of each of you, this event has grown into what it has currently become and has found its purpose and fundraising home. With the blessing of the McGowan Family, the Coaches Classic was renamed to the Myles McGowan Coaches Classic 5 years ago in honor of their son, who lost his battle to cancer at the tender age of 5. 

This events fundraising purpose now is solely centered around elevating the consciousnes & awareness regarding Cancer, as well as raising funds to donate towards Cancer Research and Charities. Proceeds generated from this event are donated to the Ronald McDonald House with the blessing of the family.

This event is a unique 2-Day event, held at Merritt College August 20-21st. This event has a 8th Grade Girls Team Division, a Fraternity Divsion featuring teams of brothers from Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi and Phi Beta Sigma.

The most compelling aspect of the event is that Coaches play. Current or Former basketball coaches from any level, old & young, come out, dust off the dust & cobwebs from those Chuck Taylors, whip out the shorts that are just a hair longer than volleyball shorts, and they hit the hardwood hoping to turn back the clock and capture some of their former glory......assuming their was some glory to begin with. Coaches sign up, they are assigned to a team and they ball out. This a great opportunity to put a face to a name, network, schedule games, pick a coaches brain and to show some unity throughout our coaching fraternity.  All Coaches vs. Coaches games will be held on Sunday August 21st between 1pm-4pm. There are still a few spots left, get signed up!

Most of all come out and have some fun, love on your neighbor, show some support, and drown some special families in love, as they deal with the difficult times that this tragic disease presents.

Below is the Schedule for the Weekend:


9:00   East Bay Tigers vs. Rebels

10:00 Lions vs. South Bay Hustle

11:00 Sigmas vs. Alphas

12:00 Kappas vs. Ques

1:00  East Bay Tigers vs. Lions

2:00  Rebels vs. South Bay Hustle

3:00  Kappas vs. Sigmas

4:00  Ques vs. Alphas

5:00  Fresh Faces Open Practice



9:00   East Bay Tigers vs. South Bay Hustle

10:00 Lions vs. Rebels

11:00 Sigmas vs. Ques

12:00 Kappas  vs. Ques

1:00  LC Ballers (Coaches) vs. Live Strong (Coaches)

2:00 Fresh Faces 2020 Showcase Game Team  Lula McDaniels vs. Team Loyce Lovelace

3:00 Team Booyaah (Coaches) vs. Flaming Knights MC

4:00 Remedy (Coaches) vs. Solution (Coaches)


Donations and Tickets can be obtained at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/myles-ahead-of-cancer-10th-annual-coaches-classic-tickets-25837956022


Hope to see you there. If you have any questions, please contact us directly at (707)208-6621.


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