Entitlement: What Have We Created

Aug. 4, 2016

We keep blaming these kids for this "entitlement" culture, but as adults the finger is firmly pointed at us.

The kids definitely embrace & benefit from the adults, who are not "adulting". those who are not fully mentoring and teaching real life lessons.
There are kids who may not even graduate high school, struggling to be academically eligible to play ball, but are spending their summer going state to state in tournaments.
Please do not fix your mouth to even attempt to explain to me how that's "all about the kids".  Those type of players should be on a circuit, just not a summer basketball circuit.
How about the Tutor Circuit, Summer School Circuit, Library Circuit, Kumon Circuit, or the Sit Your Butt Home And Become Disciplined And Studious Circuit.
I'm sure some of you earthlings will say "this is reality", yeah right! Our current state of grassroots basketball to me is the "Fourth World". 
Let's go over some of our "Elite" Fourth World Players shall we.........
Director/Club Coach - Many offer the "play for me I can get you better", "we play on a better circuit", or "you can play your actual position over here" etc. That is rudimentary recruiting. It all goes haywire when we are offering money, extra shoes, plane tickets for mommy, daddy and Fido the family dog can come too. When we are promising spots on USA, McDonalds, and other "things", then we are creating the entitlement culture. We are saying "play for me and I can get you these things", not play your heart out and you could be recognized for your talents. I understand the political game, but once again the adults are not quite "adulting".
Parent- Many parents don't even know what they want from a program ASIDE from "Free", "sponsor" and "playing time".  Therefore they play Uniform Twister. This week left foot blue,  next week right foot yellow. Their closet is a crayola box of jerseys. You can't sponsor me, I'll go somewhere else. Oh you can sponsor my kid, but not me and her Uncle. "I shouldn't have to be on Greyhound to see my baby Magiquisha play", that's the final straw, let me switch teams again. Umm Momma Dee how about you and your baby Lil Scrappy simmer down and find the best fit for your kid. Where they can be developed, show their talents and earn their worth?  Once again the adults are not "adulting".
I see why all players think they're Division 1 material.  Their parents think they are and want what "Johnny and Sue" have without earning it. "Sweat equity", Earn Ya Burn!
There are some financially disadvantage players/families, and it's the honorable thing to attempt to help them. I have no problem with that.
But nowadays folks want everything free. Parents will fly all over the country, Snap Chatting their shopping,  devouring  premium steaks and sipping the rarest of wine, BUT time you invite them to a camp or showcase, their first question is "you gonna show me love right?", "I know my baby don't gotta pay?", "we get the hook up right?".........how about you got me messed. The audacity to just think you got it like that! In fairness to the parents/players, they feel like they got it like that because to make my event pop, I need to let them in free, use them as a draw, then others follow.
I get the systematics of it all, but understand what we are creating. We are creating a platform for these kids to expect opportunities to be given to them, their parents expect things to be free, and then it's a shock to their system when someone says NO! Rules are rules, the price is the price, respect it and act accordingly.
Instead of free, how about sweeping the gym, cleaning he facility, learning to officiate novice basketball leagues etc. There are ways to earn your keep!
We can't complain about a entitlement culture of players, that we as adults created.
Let's get back to "adulting!"