2016 West Coast Premier Spring Invitational

This event is hosted by Brian Crichlow and his West Coast Premier family.  This event has become the premiere Spring event here on the West Coast. Routinely bringing out the best teams, national media/evaluators, and showcasing high level players in extremely competitive games.

Teams who won their respective Championships:

Super Elite: Team Taurasi

Elite A: Cal Storm 16u National

Elite B: Triple S Warriors Elite 17u

Open: San Diego Rage

15u A: So-Cal Select 15u Red

15u B: So-Cal Select 15u

14u: So-Cal Select White

Players who caught our eye (Disclaimer: we cannot and did not see every game/player):


Bridgette Smith – 5’8” 2017 Guard (805 Basketball 17u) – This kid is patient, moves well without the ball consistently knocked down the 3-ball all weekend.


Destiny Davis – 2019 – 5’11” Wing (Arizona Reign) – this kid is a raw athlete. Her anticipation, vertical and overall athleticism is off the charts. This is her first year on the club scene. Her offense is still developing. Most of her offense is of the slashing variety. But she is a pogo stick. I personally saw her block 6 perimeter shots on the weekend. If her offense catches up to her defense and athleticism, she could do some things in the future. One to keep a eye on.


Nia Johnson – 2018 – 5’10” Guard (Cal Ballaz) – Nia has always been able to shoot it from deep. With her increased motor, she is now attacking the paint relentlessly and embracing contact. Her hesitation, combined with her in & out move, allows her to keep defenders off balance and attack from there.


Lyric Robins – 2017 – 5’11” Wing (DFW Elite Marques Jackson) a wiry, athletic ball hawking defender. She covers a lot of space with very few steps. Rebounds in and out of her area very well for her size. She has good agility, stays within herself, with a specialty of attacking off the bounce and getting to the basket. To improve her stock she will need to become a more consistent outside threat, but definitely a Division 1 talent.


MaeAna Alexander – 2019 – 5’8” Guard (Eastbay Tigers) – I love watching this kid. She is a big combo guard. At first glance you wouldn’t think she is as athletic and nimble as she is, however she will surprise you. She is strong, quick, has the agility and finesse in her game to avoid defenders, but seeks contact. She finishes inside & gets great elevation on her midrange. Needs to work on tightening her handle, but her combination of strength and quickness at the guard spot is something to deal with.


Kaily Kaimikaua – 2017 – 5’9” Guard (GBL Team Candace Parker 17u Elite) – This kid is composed, has a good IQ, lets the game come to her and is lights out from deep.


Kambrayia Elzy – 2018 – 5’7” Guard (Lady Fresno Heat 17u) – This player has a tremendous motor on both ends of the floor. She finishes inside with either hand, handles contact well, has a amazing first step off the catch, and drives to the basket with force.


Ramani Parker – 2019 – 6’2” Post (Lady Fresno Heat 17u) – You want energy, this kid brings it! She doesn’t just run up and down the floor, she sprints! A real sprint! She is long, has great timing on the defensive end. She blocked countless shots and altered many more! She is long and uses her length and athleticism to rebound in and out of her area at a high level. She continuously beat everyone down the floor multiple times to finish on the break. She has good hands, stepped out and hit the 15-footer, but is mostly a defensive player at this point. Her potential is off the charts!


Jadyn Pimental – 2017 – 5’4” PG (Missouri Phenom-Napheesa) – Don’t let her size fool you. She plays way above her size. She scores from the perimeter and inside. Has a deft touch on her floater, shoots the jumper off the catch and the dribble. Her passes were amazing. Had several of the Oooh and Aaah variety, but made the basic reads off their pick & roll and Horn sets as well.


Jazmaine Lewis – 2019 – 6’4” Post (Missouri Phenom – Sug) – She is long and extremely active on both ends. She transitions up and down the floor fluidly. She is a very good athlete. She does a great job of staying big. Provides good energy on the glass, finishes inside well. She has a bright future!


Julia Blackshell-Fair – 2017 – 5’9” Guard (Oakland Soldiers 17U Elite) – When Julia is knocking down her perimeter shot, she is almost impossible to contain. She is much more respectable from outside now. She shot the ball with confidence over the weekend. She is a high energy, high flying dynamic guard! She has the combo dribbles, the spin move, a explosive first step, and is extremely strong. She loves to mix it up inside as she attacks rebounds with a vengeance! When she gets a defensive rebound, she is off to the races. She goes 0 to 100 real quick! She also showed the ability to score on her own, and made plays for others.


Raziya Potter – 2018 – 5’11” Guard (Oakland Soldiers 17U Elite) – After sitting out most of the year for national power St. Marys Of Stockton, it sure does seem like this kid is punishing opponents like they are the ones who had her sitting out. She is a great combination of size, strength, speed, power and agility. Her unique brand of power and finesse is a joy to watch! She finishes with either hand, makes acrobatic finishes with contact and shoots the deep ball. At this level she also defends the 2 through 5 effectively. Her stock is rising rapidly.


Olivia Klugg – 2017 – 5’10” Wing (San Diego Rage 17U) – This kid is sound fundamentally, reads the defense well, is a solid defender and knocks down the perimeter shot. She can help a college program.


Da’Ja Hamilton – 2019 – 5’8” Guard (So Cal Select 17u Black) – Da’Ja had a great weekend overall. Her defense is sound and she can be dynamic on the offensive end. Whether knocking down the deep ball or finishing inside with a assortment of moves (notably her floater), she is handful to deal with.


Mira Love-Sangco – 2017 – 5’5” Guard (Team Superstar) – Mira is a good all-around guard. She runs the offense with precision & pace. She is extremely strong for her size! Her lateral quickness and surprising leaping ability allows her to get by defenders and finish inside over bigger defenders. Has range out to the three point line. Defensively she really guards her yard,  as she constantly harasses the opposing point guard. If colleges do their homework, this is the type of unheralded kid who can help their program.


IImar’I Thomas – 2017 – 6’0” Wing (WCP Golden City 17u) – IImar’I is one of the smarter players you’ll find around. She isn’t overly athletic, but she is skilled! She takes bigger players outside, and pounds smaller players inside. She is a three-level scorer as she scores from the three point line, midrange and inside, all with poise and efficiency. Her stock her risen with a bullet since the early viewing period.


Kianna Smith – 2017 – 6’0” Guard (West Coast Premier Black) – Kianna is a known commodity. We are all aware of her solid all-around skills. She was outstanding over the weekend, which we have come to expect. Her length, skill set and IQ are already known. She is now noticeably stronger, a step quicker and is making plays better off the bounce. She has a great first step and is staying low and compact on her drives with allows her to embrace contact. Nice to see a good player still ascending.


Te-Hina Paopao - 2020 - 5'9" Guard (Wiggins Waves) - This kid is a pure joy to watch!  She is quick, decisive, athletic, can shoot it off the catch or bounce from deep and makes plays for others.  What takes her a notch above others in her class is her movement without the ball and her IQ.  Her ability to read second level defenses properly is well beyond her years. Defenders chase over the screen, she curls, they go under and she fades or sticks behind the screener and buries a deep trey! Her basketball maturity is off the charts!  She is also a pesky defender who has tremendous lateral quickness and outstanding anticipation!  Definitely one of the best in her class.